Trailer Choir's Rockin' The Cheer Gut

Posted by Jessica Gertler on 12/01/2009
Trailer Choir has gained much attention from their hit song “Rockin’ The Beer Gut,” but this holiday season they will be rockin’ something new: Santa ’s “cheer gut.”
The new festive single was written and produced, with help from Toby Keith, by band member Butter. “Rockin’ The Beer Gut (‘Holla’ Day Version)” is about Santa’s strife with his weight.  The single, which is available at digital retailers including iTunes and, has cleverly re-worked the lyrics and even has a “Go Santa” refrain.
Nashville Show Dog’s Trailer Choir will perform their new holiday jingle at all of their concerts this season, including upcoming shows in St. Lous, Greeley, Colo., Tampa and Nashville.