Tracylyn Releases Inspiring Sophmore Album

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 07/21/2008

Country Music newcomer Tracylyn turned a lot of heads and ears with her 2003 debut, Good Rain, and the Illinois country singer is back for more.  Her new release, Close the Door, combines the songwriter talent of Nashville's finest.Rhean Boyer, Rand Bishop and Kim Tribble show off their songwriting skills, while Tom Paden and Tracylyn's father, Robert Lendi, produced the sophomore effort, which was recorded in Music City. Tracylyn said of her new project, "In everyone’s life there are plenty of things that drag us down and we can always identify a multitude of them to complain about. I’m one of those who will sometimes get caught up in negative thinking and I wanted to create an album that would inspire both myself and those who hear it to take the time to celebrate what is good and right with our lives." Close the Door is available for purchase and download in stores across the country.