Trace Adkins to Appear in New Matthew McConaughey Film

Trace Adkins will play the leader of a biker gang in the latest film starring Matthew McConaughey.
The Lincoln Lawyer tells the story of a lawyer who represents a high profile client in Beverly Hills while conducting business in the back of his Lincoln Town Car. The film also stars Oscar winner Marisa Tomei, Ryan Phillippe, John Leguizamo and William H. Macy.
The role is not Adkins’ first foray into the acting world; his previous film credits include An American Carol and Trailer Park of Terror.
"[My role] is just a couple of [scenes]. I enjoy [acting] if I have time to do it," Adkins told The Boot. "This is an easy thing to do. It takes literally three days out of my schedule. It's something that I can do and have fun doing."
Adkins will begin shooting his role in August for the film, set to hit theaters next year. In addition to honing his acting skills, Adkins is on the road with Toby Keith on the American Ride tour. Adkins' latest album, Cowboy’s Back in Town, is due in stores on Aug. 17.