Trace Adkins Co-Stars with Puppets in New Video

Posted by Dustin Stout on 02/01/2011

Trace Adkins' new video for "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" finds him co-starring alongside puppets.
Adkins wanted to keep the video for the sexually suggestive song country friendly, so the puppets were cast.
"I don't know how smart it was, but there was a reason that I had for going with the puppets," said Adkins. "We're already getting some resistance, and some blowback at radio. Some stations are not wanting to play the song because they think it might offend somebody."
But Adkins doesn't mind. In fact, he thinks "polarizing songs sell more records because they create passion." 
"That's what you want to do with music. You have to create passion. If you put out songs that people just go, 'Oh, that's nice,' you're not creating any passion," the Grammy nominee said.
Even though Adkins is nominated for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals with Blake Shelton for "Hillbilly Bone," don't expect to see him at the Feb. 13 Grammy ceremony. All the hype doesn't impress Adkins.
"It seemed to me to be a competition of who has the biggest bodyguard," he said. "That's all it was."
Adkins' next co-starring role will be alongside actor Matthew McConaughey in the upcoming film "The Lincoln Lawyer," set to hit theaters in March.
Source: CNN