Trace Adkins Beats Headaches with BC Headache Powder

Posted by Nick Zeitz on 11/17/2009

Trace Adkins is the second Country performer to represent BC Headache Powder, a pain-relief medication designed to get into the bloodstream faster than pills. Country singer Faron Young was the face of the product in the 70s; more than 30 years later, Trace Adkins is filling Young's boots.  
"I'm very particular about attaching my name to products or causes, unless it's something I use or believe in," said Adkins. "My relationship with BC Headache Powder is personal and runs deep. I still remember when my grandfather gave me my first BC. I even remember the product advertising jingle from the 70s. I am proud to be representing BC, especially on tour in front of thousands of fans."

Holding the position for the next two years, Adkins will perform a wide range of events, from recording songs to appearing in advertisements for the headache powder. He also has an 80-show concert tour that is sponsored by BC Headache Powder.  
"Once we heard Trace's personal history with BC, which has spanned three generations, we had to make him another member of our storytelling team. He is a tremendous asset to us and a huge draw for people who work hard for what they have," says VP of Marketing BC Powders, Darren Singer.
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