Trace Adkins Applauds Tim McGraw's Acting

Posted by Kersty Boll on 03/01/2011

Country singer Trace Adkins covered a multitude of topics in his recent interview with KMPS, ranging from his new single, "Brown Chicken Brown Cow," to his "other gig," acting.
He also acknowledged fellow superstar Time McGraw for his performance in "Country Strong."

Adkins has a role in "The Lincoln Lawyer," which also stars Matthew McConaughey and premieres Mar. 18. McConaughey portrays a lawyer who keeps biker-gang leader Adkins out of trouble.
“I never saw him without a shirt on — I think that’s been blown out of proportion,” Adkins jokes of McConaughey’s alleged tendencies to walk around without a shirt.

When asked who was the better actor between himself and Tim McGraw, Adkins applauded McGraw’s skills in a diplomatic fashion.
“Uh, well, Tim, of course, has had a lot more experience and has a lot more credibility,” Adkins said. “So I’ll tip my hat to him, sure.”
About the puppet- filmed music video that companies ‘Brown Chicken Brown Cow,’ Adkins simply laughed and said “some get it, some don’t.”