The Woman In Reba Is... A Boy?


Reba McEntire is many women -- a mother, an actress, a country megastar and, according to her new single, she's a boy, too.
McEntire recently began shooting the video for her next single from her aptly titled album "All The Women I Am." The single, a cover of Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy," questions the difference a role reversal might have on a relationship. 
"Every song on the album portrays a different story for each woman in the song," said McEntire. "There's a lot of women in here [pointing to herself]. Different personalities, different things, different hats I wear throughout the day."
The country icon is also busy learning a new language.
"Good news! I'm on my second lesson for Spanish!" she said on her blog. "That still doesn't make it right for someone to come up to me and start speaking perfect Spanish and expect me to understand them....This will take a little longer than I expected but what I'm very surprised about is, I love it! I'm having a great time learning!"
McEntire will continue her tour with George Strait and Lee Ann Womack this weekend in Florida, while her role as ACM Awards co-host with Blake Shelton is set for April 3 at 8:00 PM ET/PT on CBS.