The Band Perry Strikes Gold With Latest Single

The Band Perry released their debut, self-titled album last October, and their singles have been quickly climbing the charts ever since. Best known for their second single, the double-platinum and Grammy nominated “If I Die Young,” the band is quickly discovering what it means to be successful in Nashville, and that includes releasing more stellar singles. 
Their third single “You Lie” seems to be following a similar path to their previous single, achieving 500,000 sales and RIAA gold certification in very little time. The same can be said for their entire album, which hit gold just four months after release and is easily on track to reach platinum by the end of the year. But for now they’re just taking things one step at a time and are currently enjoying their fans’ positive reception of the new song.
"'You Lie' is full of spitfire, and it's our high-five to everyone who's been the victim of a cheatin' heart," explain the Perry siblings. "Only in country music could a song about feeling fed-up be so much fun to sing. When we perform this one, we get a big 'amen!' back and we thank everyone who has joined in."
The band is currently opening for Tim McGraw’s Emotional Traffic tour, but are still taking time to make other appearances, such as on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August, 17th and future dates planned with Keith Urban and Reba McEntire this fall.