Taylor Swift's Hogging The TV

Posted by Webb on 10/12/2009

Jake Owens Sings About Bullies

Jake Owen has a single on his current release, Easy Does It, about bullies. The song is titled “Nothing Grows In Shadows”. Jake reflected to The Boot recently about being a bully as a kid, being bullied himself, and being embarrassed by his father yelling at him from the baseball stands. I know what you mean Jake. I really don’t like Alpha dogs and what is it with the humans wanting me to fetch all the time? They’re so lazy.
TV Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift I guess is trying to see if she can get on every channel on your cable service. She’ll be on the Oprah show this Wednesday October 14. Then October 27 it’s Dancing With The Stars followed by an October 29 appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. I just want to know when she’s going to be on my favorite station, Animal Planet. Woof.
Kellie Pickler Says She’s Country – Take It or Leave It
"As long as I'm played on country radio, I don't care if any other stations play my music or not. If they want to play my music, that's fine. But I'm not changing it for them." That’s what Kellie Pickler told the Chicago Tribune.   Regardless, her single “Best Days Of Your Life” did get on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. So take that Kellie. 
Luke Bryan On Top 7th Week In A Row
Luke Bryan’s video for his single “I Do” is #1 on GAC’s Top Twenty Countdown for the 7th week in a row. The single, did you know, was written by Charles Kelly and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum. 7 weeks? That’s almost a year in dog time.
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