Taylor Swift Takes on College Football

It's getting difficult to find something Taylor Swift is not involved in lately. Her third album, Speak Now, was released last week, which was followed by a rush of non-stop promotions and appearances to suit. This weekend, she tacked something onto her resume that's a little bit different than what she’s use to – college football.
Swift co-hosted the Motor Racing Network’s “College Football Country” Saturday. The show, which aired Saturday at 8 a.m. ET, highlights every football ritual – tailgating, school traditions, parties pre- and post-game and something not every college football team includes: Nashville’s Country superstars.
Earlier in the year, University of Southern California quarterback Matt Barkley took to his Twitter, saying, "I wonder what it would take to get @taylorswift13 to come to a game at the Coliseum." "I kind of want to meet her," he confirmed later. "I've met Will Ferrell. That was sweet. But Taylor Swift would be sweeter."
Swift does not seem to be losing steam any time soon. She has had recent appearances on the Today show to the Late Show With David Letterman and everything between. However, the Grammy winner said that the busyness is worth it when she is able to share the message behind her lyrics and music.
"These songs are confessions," Taylor said to The Boot in a recent interview, "and every single confession on this album is sort of like that moment when you stand up at a wedding and say, 'Wait!' And whether it's saying, 'Wait, I'm sorry,' or 'Wait, what you said really hurt me,' ... or 'Wait, I secretly love you,' you're making confessions and you're speaking now. The moment will slip by if you don't say anything."
As for the other episodes of “College Football Country” on Motor Racing Network, other artists scheduled to appear include Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans and Reba McEntire.
Source: TheBoot.com