Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, The Oak Ridge Boys, Josh Turner all #1





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Taylor Swift Is The $34 Million Woman
At least that’s what she raked in touring last year, putting her in the top 5 money-making tours among all genres (yes dogs know what genres are) according to Pollstar (dogs do not know what that is). Bon Jovi was #1 at $53 million. Other top 5 acts included Paul McCartney who used to be with a group called The Beatles and another called Wings, James Taylor & Carol King, and the Reba & George Strait tour; which did $30-million. Them’s a lot of bones.
Rain Is A Good Thing For Luke Bryan
It’s his second #1 hit in a row. “Rain Is A Good Thing” has climbed to #1 for Luke Bryan, following recent #1 hit “Do I”. I guess Luke needs to get one of those big 1 fingers now to wave around everywhere he goes. Luke’s #1, Luke’s #1…come on and cheer it with me…
Oak Ridge Boys Are #1 Too Though!
Well, when it comes to catchiest country song that is. “Elvira”, according to AOL, is the catchiest country music song of all time. The catchy part of the song is "Elvira, Elvira/My Heart's on fire, Elvira/Giddy up, oom-poppa-oom-poppa-mow-mow". 
Here’s the whole list:
1.       Elvira / The Oak Ridge Boys
2.       The Gambler / Kenny Rogers
3.       You Belong With Me / Taylor Swift
4.       Family Tradition / Hank Williams Jr.
5.       Achy Breaky Heart / Billy Ray Cyrus
6.       It’s Finally Friday / George Jones
7.       Man! I Feel Like A Woman / Shania Twain
8.       Dang Me / Roger Miller
9.       How Do You Like Me Know? / Toby Keith
10.     Undo It / Carrie Underwood
Personally I like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” but I guess there’s not enough guys out there comfortable enough with their manhood to get in touch with their feminine side. 
Well here’s a big ole “oom-poppa-oom-poppa-mow-mow” to the Oak Ridge Boys! 
Josh Turner Is A Saint
Josh Turner had agreed to visit 10-year-old dying cancer patient Elizabeth Pitts as arranged by the Make-A-Wish foundation. When everyone involved realized Josh couldn’t get there in time, he called and sang to her on the phone. She passed away that same day. God bless you Josh, we’re sure Elizabeth and her family deeply appreciate it.