Taylor Swift Fearless Again

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Taylor Swift Déjà vu
Taylor Swift likes releasing new music, so she says on her blog. She’s now going to do a new release of 2008’s best-selling album Fearless. The new release will have 6 new songs though. I’m so confused.
Reba’s Secrets To The Fountain of Youth
Reba McEntire says it doesn’t take botox and such to stay young. Reba’s secret is first of all to hang out with a younger age group such as her nieces and nephews. She stays mentally young she says by keeping her brain alert. For instance she shops at different grocery stores so she has to think and isn’t programmed to just go down the same aisles for the same stuff. I got a grocery list for you to stay young with Reba. 
Get Tickets For Next Year’s All For The Hall
Keith Urban says the response for this year’s “All For The Hall” concert has been so overwhelming that he’s sure he’ll do it again next year. The concert raises money for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Performers joining him include Taylor Swift, Vince Gill, Faith Hill, Lady Antebellum and more. So far they’ve not asked me to howl my rendition of “Rocky Top”.
Taylor Swift Back-Up Singer?
Taylor Swift has taken a role as a back-up singer on a new cut by pop-rock band Boys Like Girls. Some people will do anything for attention.
Terri Clark Tends To Mom
When Terri Clark attends and performs at the Canadian Country Music Awards next week her mother Linda will be right there with her. Linda Clark has been battling cancer for two years now and Terri says she doesn’t know if her mother will make another awards show or not. Our prayers are with you and your mom Terri.