Taylor Swift Celebrates 8th No. 1 Hit

If you are still wondering whether or not Taylor Swift's Speak Now World Tour is worth attending, consider the fact that she just celebrated her 8th No. 1 single. The song "Mean" is Swift's third consecutive No. 1 single from her latest album, Speak Now. It has also garnered the No. 1 video slot on both CMT and GAC.
According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, "At 21 years old, Swift may be better than anyone at mixing pop hooks with country storytelling for instant sing-alongs."
Her music appeals to a wide audience, which may be why her concerts were sold out within minutes. She has just begun the North American portion of her global tour, and critics seem to have nothing but praise for Miss Swift. 
Billboard writes, "One of the genre's most ambitious acts has created one of the genre's most ambitious tours. Broadway-inspired…the two-hour production was an overwhelming experience. There's an enormous amount of detail that worked to make the Speak Now Tour a sort of next step in country presentation…it blended the pacing, the music and the artist's personality in a way that transfixed. It's a production - and an ability - that her peers in the business will continue to study."