Taylor Swift Adds More Stadium Shows For Speak Now Tour

It comes as no surprise that Taylor Swift headlined two stadium shows in Baton Rouge and Foxborough, Mass. last year. Though these were the first stadium shows in her career, they will certainly not be her last, as she is now adding several to her Speak Now World Tour.
“That was such an unbelievable, out-of-body, dreamscape experience,” Swift said of this year’s stadium shows. “It was just walking out into this sea of people that didn’t seem to really end. There are so many people in a sold-out stadium. It’s just gorgeous.”
On her new tour, Swift will be playing a full half-dozen stadiums. The tour kicks off Feb. 9 in Singapore, and the country sweetheart will play a total of 87 shows in 19 countries across four continents, with six NFL sites included. Swift will be making a trip back to the Gilette Stadium in Massachusetts, as well as several stadium shows in Dallas, Kansas City, Detroit, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Opening acts have not yet been announced, her Gillette Stadium show in June included the ranks of Kellie Pickler, Gloriana and the young heartthrob Justin Bieber. Swift may be following in the footsteps of fellow country icon, Kenny Chesney, who has played many shows in which he includes several supporting acts with their own established music.
“Any comparison to Kenny is good,” Swift said. “Anything we could do that would be along that trajectory would be nice.”
With all of the stadium shows and bigger acts added on the bill, it is not easily doubted that the Speak Now Tour will be one of the biggest of 2011, and perhaps the biggest for Swift as well. Swift’s former tour, Fearless, was one of the top grossing of 2009 and 2010. The newest album for Swift, which the tour will be based around, sold more than one million copies within the release week.
The international locations scheduled for Swift’s Speak Now Tour include Germany, Belgium, Norway, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain and the United Kingdom. The North American leg will kick off Memorial Day weekend in Omaha and come to an end at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas on Oct. 8.
The dates and cities for the Speak Now Tour 2011 are as follows:
• Feb. 9 Singapore
• Feb. 11 Seoul, South Korea
• Feb. 13 Osaka, Japan
• Feb. 16-17 Tokyo, Japan
• Feb. 19 Manila, Philippines
• Feb. 21 Hong Kong
• March 6 Brussels, Belgium
• March 7 Rotterdam, Holland
• March 9 Oslo, Norway
• March 12 Oberhausen, Germany
• March 15 Milan, Italy
• March 17 Paris, France
• March 19 Madrid, Spain
• March 22 Birmingham, U.K.
• March 25 Belfast, Northern Ireland
• March 27 Dublin, Ireland
• March 29 Manchester, U.K.
• March 30 London, U.K.
• May 27-28 Omaha, Neb.
• May 29 Des Moines, Iowa
• June 2-3 Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
• June 4 Orlando, Fla.
• June 7 Columbus, Ohio
• June 8 Milwaukee, Wis.
• June 11 Detroit, Mich.
• June 14-15 St. Paul, Minn.
• June 18 Pittsburgh, Pa.
• June 21 Buffalo, N.Y.
• June 22 Hartford, Conn.
• June 25 Foxborough, Mass.
• June 30 Greensboro, N.C.
• July 1 Knoxville, Tenn.
• July 2 Louisville, Ky.
• July 8 Charlotte, N.C.
• July 9-10 Atlanta, Ga.
• July 14 Montreal, Quebec
• July 15-16 Toronto, Ontario
• July 19-20 New York, N.Y.
• July 28 Grand Rapids, Mich.
• July 29 Indianapolis, Ind.
• July 30 Cleveland, Ohio
• Aug. 2-3 Washington, D.C.
• Aug. 6 Philadelphia, Pa.
• Aug. 9-10 Chicago, Ill.
• Aug. 13 Lexington, Ky.
• Aug. 14 St. Louis, Mo.
• Aug. 18-19 Edmonton, Alberta
• Aug. 23-24 Los Angeles, Calif.
• Sept. 1-2 San Jose, Calif.
• Sept. 3 Sacramento, Calif.
• Sept. 6 Portland, Ore.
• Sept. 7 Seattle, Wash.
• Sept. 10-11 Vancouver, British Columbia
• Sept. 16-17 Nashville, Tenn.
• Sept. 21 Tulsa, Okla.
• Sept. 24 Kansas City, Mo.
• Sept. 27 Denver, Colo.
• Sept. 28 Salt Lake City, Utah
• Oct. 4 Little Rock, Ark.
• Oct. 5 New Orleans, La.
• Oct. 8 Dallas, Texas