Sugarland Learning from Kenny

Posted by amyclark on 08/10/2008

8/10/2007 Stephen L. Betts   Sugarland has been been learning a lot this summer while on tour with Kenny Chesney. "They have knowledge that you just can't get anywhere else about how to do it," Kristian Bush tells "To just watch all the logistics of it is really amazing. This is a wonderful man to learn from." He also says he and partner Jennifer Nettles hope to be working at the same stadium-filling scale at some point. "I think we do more than sit around and dream about it -- we actually talk about it every morning," he says with a laugh. "We want this, and we think it'll likely happen. It'll just take a while to get there."  The duo also hope to have some new music to play this fall. Kristian says that they're about "six or seven songs in" on their third album, and hope to "over-write" this time. "My dream is to have 25 songs ready and then pick 10 of them for the album."   Applying the lessons they're learning from Kenny to the new material, Kristian says, "I think we're simplifying a little bit. From playing these large venues with [Kenny], we're discovering that to communicate with 20,000-plus people a night, you have to really simplify your message without pandering. You have to write something that is visceral and deliver it in a way that's intelligent but doesn't insult anybody. That is a feat, and I'm aware of the people who do it and do it well."