Sugarland Defends Their New Release

Posted by Stephanie Myers on 08/03/2010

More than two months before the release date of their new album, Sugarland already has people talking and criticizing the CD, Incredible Machine.
According to AOL’s The Boot, Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of Sugarland admit their marketing strategy and their definition of the album as “steampunk” was a little off, causing confusion among critics and fans. It also created the belief that the CD would be filled with steam engine sounds and would also be a sharp deviation from the uptempo Country Music Sugarland is known for.
"That's really our fault for the way that we explained it, to be honest," Nettles told Entertainment Weekly. "It has everything to do with the visual. We wanted another world on stage. We wanted something fun, a visual aesthetic to be inspired by. We chose that one. It has nothing to do with the music. I definitely put the brunt of that on our shoulders for anyone who didn't understand that."
"Stuck Like Glue," the first single from Incredible Machine is steadily climbing the charts, but is also causing some controversy among radio programmers. It has caused at least one station to eliminate part of the song and several more to question the validity of the track at country radio; the song includes random auto-tuned snipets and an interesting reggae-meets-rap section.
"[The auto-tune section] is almost like a comic piece for us," she explains, "because everybody is doing it, and we thought, 'Oh god, yes. If we're gonna be able to put it anywhere, please, let's put it right here.' It was really just a moment of fun for us in the studio. It wasn't like, 'Oh yeah, this is cool.' It was like, 'This is hysterical.' I mean, we've already put in a reggae breakdown. Which by the way, it's not reggae Country. It's a breakdown. I think you're allowed anything in a musical breakdown. Maybe I do have an inner Sean Kingston, or an inner Bob Marley. Something is going on here, I'm sure of it."
Incredible Machine will hit shelves Oct. 19, but Sugarland is already out touring before the release date to give fans a sneak-peek. Their tour, which also includes opening acts Little Big Town and Danny Gokey, runs through this weekend before their album is released.
Source: The Boot