Static kill stopping oil leak before hurricanes get within the way

Posted by Andy on 09/01/2010

The long-awaited "static kill" was scheduled to start on BP's blown out Macondo well Monday. The static kill, delayed a week by tropical storm Bonnie, is the first step toward plugging the leaking well for good on day 100 of the oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico 2010. After the static kill -- ramming tons of heavy drilling mud down the well -- is complete, a "bottom kill" performed from a relief well comes next. This is the worst oil spill that has occurred within the U.S. and prepared kills should be enough to stop it. Resource for this article - Static kill could seal BP oil leak before peak hurricane season by Personal Money Store.

Static kill does better with cap

BP put a temporary oil spill cap on so they could move on with ending this problem. There was a failed attempt to stop the well just like the static kill on Memorial Day weekend, reports the New York Times. The "top kill" didn't work because the mud was not as strong as the oil pressure being released from the well. BP says the static kill will work much better because of the oil spill cap stopping the flow.

Bottom kill comes after static kill

The original preventer that was supposed to stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill from happening could have mud pumped into it. The Times Picayune in New Orleans reports that about 12,000 barrels of mud, six times the amount of oil believed to be in the well bore, are on urgent standby. Stronger mud can be used for the bottom will that has about 37,000 barrels waiting to be pumped in. When the mud goes in, crews will watch to see how the pressure in the well is doing. The pressure within the well needs to get to a "static condition". The final 100 feet of relief well should be drilled following the kills are complete.

Stopping before hurricanes get in

The static kill and also the bottom kill are set to be complete by late August. BP plans on doing both the kills, reports the Associated Times, despite the fact a relief well is almost finished. The static kill should make it easier to finish the relief well. It's also a good way for BP to hedge its bets in case the relief well takes longer than expected to work. You will find threats of hurricanes coming which is another reason why it needs to get finished so soon. BP needs to finish before long because Federal officials pointed out there are the most hurricanes between mid-August and late October.

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