Stars Finish Hank Sr. Songs for New CD

Hank Williams fans around the world are anticipating the upcoming release of Williams' previously unrecorded lyrics performed by some of the greatest performers of our day. The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams will be released October 4. 
The album consists of Williams' lyrics set to music and performed by artists including Alan Jackson (who finishes a song Williams began), Bob Dylan, Jack White, Patty Loveless, Merle Haggard and several other topnotch performers. 
The album will accompany the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museums Family Tradition: The Williams Family Legacy, an exhibitor that opened in March of 2008.  It features pictures and items from the Williams' household. The temporary exhibit will close December 31, 2011.
"One of the coolest things in my career was to get to write a song with Hank Williams, Sr., " said Alan Jackson. "I never thought that would happen! We cut the track like Hank - we didn't do drums and piano, just the basic stuff. We did it just like Hank (would've) done it back in 1949 - sparse, but cool."
Track List for The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams:
1.You’ve Been Lonesome, Too – Alan Jackson
2.The Love That Faded  – Bob Dylan
3.How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart?  – Norah Jones
4.You Know That I Know – Jack White
5.I’m So Happy I Found You  – Lucinda Williams
6.I Hope You Shed a Million Tears – Vince Gill and Rodney Crowell
7.You’re Through Fooling Me – Patty Loveless
8.You’ll Never Again Be Mine – Levon Helm
9.Blue Is My Heart – Holly Williams
10.Oh, Mama, Come Home – Jakob Dylan
11.Angel Mine – Sheryl Crow
12.The Sermon on the Mount – Merle Haggard