Somebody pinch those girls from Gloriana!

Gloriana Is Top Dog This Week!
The women of Gloriana are riding high this week as they release their self-titled (who else would title it?) debut album, which premiered at #1 in iTunes, and they are featured on the cover of teen periodical Justine Magazine. The press release says Justine is a teen magazine about real girls facing real issues. Next month’s issue is about what color eye liner to use I think.
No Joke – Steve Martin’s Doing A Concert Tour
Did you know Steve Martin has actually won 3 Grammy Awards? Dogs don’t lie. Martin won one for his work on an Earl Scruggs album and a couple others for some comedy albums. Anywoof, now he’s planning a concert tour to support his album The Crow – New Songs For The Five String Banjo. Martin’s already performed a concert in L.A., New York, and of course Nashville. It ought to be fun-ny.
Billy Currington’s Bass Player Says Instrument Saved His Life
Alex Stevens, who was injured at the Big Valley Jamboree in Cambrose, Alberta last weekend in a major windstorm, says his bass likely saved his life. Stevens was leaving the stage after playing bass during Billy Currington’s set when the wind swept through, killing one person and injuring 75. Stevens was trapped below major debris.  He says his bass was between him and the stuff on top of him and likely kept him from being crushed. Stevens did suffer from a severed artery in his arm though, but is doing fine now. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and especially the family of the person who died.
Jack Ingram on Lifetime – Break Out The Tissues
I’m just all teary eyed already thinking about Jack Ingram being on Lifetime. Okay so he’s going to be on an Army Wives segment. Okay so it is really no tear-jerker. He’s giving a couple cast members a tour of Nashville during the CMA Music Festival, including beer drinking at Robert’s Western World and backstage passes to his show. I wonder if they ended up at Denny’s for one of those late night/early morning “I’m gonna regret” this breakfasts?
If You’re In The Area
Steve Wariner is doing a concert and interview at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville on August 29th. He’s a good one!