Siobahn Magnus Booted From American Idol

Posted by Sophie L on 05/14/2010

Siobahn Magnus was voted off American Idol on Wednesday, April 28. Siobahn, Casey, and Mike were the bottom 3 on the American Idol voting results April 28 installment. There was no save for her, so the contestant from Marstons Mills, Massachusetts, (an alliterative place to come from) was sent packing. She had never been within the bottom three before.
Mighty Siobahn Magnus has struck out
Siobahn Magnus had not yet been in the bottom three, but she had certainly had some rocky performances. This was a bit of a shock. Siobahn was very easily the most original of this year. It might have been expected she wouldn't win, but it nevertheless was not expected.
Then there were five
The remaining contestants are Mike Lynche, Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Lee DeWyze, and Crystal Bowersox. The guys rebounded after a girls' year was predicted. Mike Lynche has never been out of the bottom 3. Casey James is also trending downward. Any quick cash put on Crystal Bowersox, or Mamasox, to win seems a good bet.The viewer’s sound off
To be fair, Siobahn had slipped a bit. It was too little too late with the viewers, although her "Any Man of Mine" cover was quite good. She had, to be fair, been getting a little too screechy. The week to week performances are what matter, and despite how awesome her version of "Paint it Black" she had slipped a bit afterwards. The viewers decided they had had it, and also the only performer on American Idol season 9 approaching interesting is done.