Scotty McCreery Will Be Featured In A Deluxe Edition 'ZinePak

SCOTTY McCreery photo.jpg
In May, Scotty McCreery became the first male country singer to win American Idol, and on October 4, he will be the first artist featured in a deluxe edition ‘ZinePak. The ‘ZinePak contains his debut album, Clear As Day, a 72 page mini-magazine that features a Q & A with Scotty and never-before-seen family photos, collectible postcards, and a set of Scotty-themed baseball cards.
“I am honored and flattered to be the first one chosen for a deluxe edition ‘ZinePak,” said Scotty. “It was a lot of fun working with Kim and Brittany, the editors of ‘ZinePak. ’ZinePak has lots of info and pictures no one has seen before. Mom and I spent some time going through family photos selecting fun pictures to share with everyone. ‘ZinePak is a great way I can personally thank my fans for their support and let them learn a little more about me.”
“The ‘ZinePak provides a glimpse into Scotty’s world,” says Brittany Hodak, ‘ZinePak president and co-founder. “Scotty was very involved in the creation of the magazine and bonus items because he wanted to ensure the package would be exciting and authentic for his fans. Many of the photos in the magazine are from the McCreery’s private albums and were chosen by Scotty to be exclusive to this release. Working with Scotty was incredible.  He knows his fans have been instrumental to his success to date, and so he wanted to give them something special in return. There is no doubt his fans will love the package he helped create.”
Scotty’s album, Clear As Day, features his debut single “I Love You This Big,” which had the highest debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a new artist’s first single since 1984, as well as his current chart-climbing single “The Trouble With Girls.” The ‘ZinePak will be available alongside the traditional album exclusively at Wal-Mart, and with fewer than 80,000 copies produced, it will be a true collector’s item for any Scotty fan.
Scotty is the first artist whose deluxe edition ‘ZinePak and CD will be available at retail stores and include a CD. “After reading the Academy of Country Music Awards ‘ZinePak, released in March 2011, fans began requesting that we write an entire magazine about one artist exclusively,” Brittany Hodak says. “We began looking for an artist who had an interesting story to tell, amazing music and a unique bond with fans. It was evident during American Idol that Scotty McCreery has all of this and more, making him the perfect candidate. We are thrilled that our first deluxe edition artist ‘ZinePak features someone so talented, entertaining and down-to-earth.”