Ronnie Milsap and Trace Adkins Duet Meets Legal Roadblock

Posted by Nick Zeitz on 09/24/2009
Ronnie Milsap

Capitol Records has issued as cease and desist order to bring an end to the production and sales of Ronnie Milsap's latest single, "My First Ride."
The single, which also features Trace Adkins, is part of BLEVE Record's attempt to regain depleted funds for firefighters and police officers in times of need. BLEVE was formed to boost Fraternal Order of Police and International Association of Firefighters disaster relief funds.
Capitol Records accused BLEVE of "unauthorized use and exploitation of Trace Adkins' performance and name, and dilution of the value of Capitol's valuable property."
Country Standard Time reported that Milsap and BLEVE Records are continuing to release the single due to the overwhelming public outcry and support coming from firefighters and police officers. 
"There didn't seem to be a problem until the single started climbing the charts and garnering radio attention," said BLEVE President and CEO Mickey Miliam, who also happens to be a retired Nashville police officer.  
The song was intended to be a solo by Milsap; however, when close friend Adkins learned of the positive benefits, he immediately wanted to help.  
Despite the legal threats brought about by Capitol Records, Milsap fearlessly responded, "Make me a sign, I will lead the picket line."