Robin Williams Shows

Posted by sara121 on 10/19/2009

At the IU Auditorium on Wednesday night he gave a mature-aged audience, sprinkled with IU students, some immature things to laugh about.

The Grammy-winning comedian had to change his schedule because of open-heart surgery. As a person who’s comedy derives from real life, he turned this risky surgery into a part of his comic routine during the show.

It’s always a pleasure enjoying the talent of the actor who has made films like including “Jumanji,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Flubber,” unforgettable because of his funny impersonations. Kids will never forget his voicing for movies like “Aladdin” and “Happy Feet.”

He uses his skills in his shows. A part of his routine is portraying different animals, such as cats, dogs and deer. Every different voice he used seemed to represent the animal’s personality perfectly.

“I don’t know why I make raccoons Irish, but it works,” Williams said.

In his last movie, Old Dogs, Mr. Williams and Mr. Travolta play old friends and “business partners who find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of seven-year-old twins. One of the twins is being played by Ella Bleu Travolta, Mr. Travolta’s daughter. Actors Seth Green and Matthew Dillon also appear in the film, as does Kelly Preston, Mr. Travolta’s wife.

Of his future plans is rumored that he will be a part of the sequel of the 3D animated movie Happy Feet. And 2011 will see his other appearance in Michael Corrente’s drama The Prince of Providence.

The 58-year actor recently had an embarrassing moment when he took his daughter to the premiere of The World's Greatest Dad, but forgot to mention that in one scene he dives into a swimming pool naked.

Williams explained she came to him and said: 'Thanks for telling me, dad'.

The actor said that it had been his idea to strip off in the scene.

"It's at the end of the movie, where this guy is having a catharsis," Williams said. "He's getting rid of everything, why not go nude. I dive into a pool and, coming up, it's almost like a rebirth. It's a strange thing and, in a weird way, it worked."

However, he added that he would not like to see his 20-year-old daughter get naked in a film.

Grab your tickets and don't miss the chance to enjoy Robin Williams shows live.