Reba Worries About Today's Kids

Reba McEntire
Farm girl, Reba McEntire, is no stranger to hard work. She sings, acts and even has her own line at Dillard's, but she worries that kids today are not learning what it really means to put in a hard day's work.
"Kids have a hard time finding part time jobs," said Reba. "You have to be a certain age before you can work at this job (or) work at that job. When we're out in the country we have lots of jobs - to take care of the animals, the livestock and jobs that we did when I was a kid. And when we were on the farm, Shelby (would be) out there bushhoggin' or mowin' or something like that. When you're in the city it's hard to find a job for the kids, and so I wish there were more things for kids to do to get jobs at an earlier age."
Of course, Reba does not think kids should be working nonstop, but she does think hard work is an important part of developing good character.
"I understand why they enforce this law and why they put it into action is because of the child labor laws, but also, it has hurt our country in a way, " added Reba.
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