Rascal Flatts Helps Solve Crime on CSI

Posted by Amanda Duckworth on 02/24/2010


From soulful vocals to forensic evidence, Rascal Flatts can do it all. The Country Music group will guest star on the TV drama CSI, set to air March 4. Additionally, the group also created a video for their newest hit, ‘Unstoppable,’ using footage from the show.
This is not the first time Rascal Flatts has appeared on the small screen. The group also appeared in a 2006 episode of Yes, Dear and made a cameo appearance on the silver-screen for the 2009 Hannah Montana Movie. They have also produced music videos for Disney’s Cars, with the hit ‘Life is a Highway,’ as well as for The Emperor’s New Groove with the song ‘Walk the Llama Llama’.
The Crime Scene iInvestigation episode will air next Thursday at 9 p.m. EST.