Randy Owen Shelters Magazine Crew During Tornado Warning

Posted by Nick Zeitz on 01/13/2009

Randy-Owen During last weeks photo shoot with People magazine, Randy Owen, formerly of Alabama, and the magazine crew were forced to seek shelter on Owens’ farm after tornado sirens began sounding. At home in Fort Payne, Ala., Owens and the magazine crew of People watched the news and ultimately decided to retreat to his basement after tornado warnings grew increasingly imminent.  After 30 minutes, no tornados touched down and the group returned to work.During their time in close quarters with Owen, the crew got a real sense of who he is and how he came to be.“I’m a very simple person,” Owen told the Associated Press. "I don't live a complicated life, at least I don't think it's complicated. I like to have love around me and good friends and family, and I'm an outdoorsman, I'm a farm kid, a rancher. That's who I am."