Proposal on Dancing With The Stars Unlikely from Chuck Wicks

Posted by Katie Ball on 04/15/2009

Country star and current contestant on Dancing With The Stars Chuck Wicks let everyone know he's not planning on an on-air proposal to girlfriend Julianne Hough anytime soon, reported Digital Rodeo. However, he says their relationship couldn't be any better.

"We have a great relationship," Wicks told "We definitely talk about it. It's definitely in the future. It's supposed to be a surprise! I'm not gonna do it on the show, but it's not like we don't talk about it or know that that's the next step. All in due time. Right now we love where we are and want to grow from where we are. That's the safest answer in the world, huh?"

Both Wicks and Hough have singing careers aside from their time on Dancing. It leaves them with little time to just be a couple, though. Wicks said they try to set aside a date night every now and then to take time for themselves.

"We spend literally 24/7 together, but I bet you 23 of those hours are working. The other day, we had five hours together so we went to the mall, saw a movie, had dinner together. It's the simplest things in the world that people take for granted and when you have them back, you're like, 'We're lucky.'"

Fans can watch and vote for Hough and Wicks to continue dancing every week by watching the show Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.