Brad Paisley Instrumental Release Due In Fall

Posted by Katie Ball on 07/18/2008


Brad Paisley showed off his skills on the guitar by completing an instrumental album this past month titled Play. With guest appearances from stars like Vince Gill, B.B. King and Steve Wariner, Paisley says the album covers every genre of music from country to heavy metal. Another special part of the album includes a collaboration with the late Buck Owens.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Paisley made the album because he felt like there was a lack of true guitar players in country music today. He wanted to showcase the talents he possesses along with others in the music business. Paisley also talked about how guitar players were much more prevalent in previous years of music.

“There was a time when every band had a great player,” he said in The Charlotte Observer. “I was watching VH1’s I Love The ‘80s. They’ve got hair bands on there. They were talking about 1985. There was so much guitar. These days, it’s different. There’s a lack. I’m doing my part, trying to play as many solos as possible.”

After completing the Paisley Party Tour this summer, Brad plans on returning to the studio to finish his next album this fall.