New Scotty McCreery Single "The Trouble With Girls" Not What You Think

SCOTTY McCreery photo.jpg

With his second single out, anticipation for Scotty McCreery's debut album is rising. His newest song, "The Trouble With Girls," will be featured on his album, Clear As Day, coming out October 4.
"It's a really sweet song," said Scotty. "I played it for my sister and I said, 'Would you like to hear what's said in this song?' She said, 'I would love to have a guy say some of this stuff to me.' It's talking about how great they (girls) are, and it's tough for the guy to handle because he just loves it. It has a nice twist to it. It's like the songwriters wrote it just for me."
Scotty's last song, "I Love You This Big," became a Top 15 hit, which is the highest debut on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a new artist since 1984, which may be a testament to his success on American Idol. 
"The Trouble With Girls" is a song that really spoke to Scotty. He said, "Right off the bat when I heard it, I told my mom when we were listening to the demo, 'This is the kind of song when you are in the kitchen doing dishes that makes you stop what you are doing and listen to it.' It struck a chord with me, and I knew it was something I wanted to put on the album."