Neal McCoy Returns To The Sales Floor In An Episode Of GAC's Day Jobs

Posted by Melanie Agee on 10/17/2011
Neal McCoy Day Jobs 2011

Great American Country’s Day Jobs recently featured two-time Entertainer of the Year and platinum singer Neal McCoy. Before he got his start as a crowd-pleasing country artist, McCoy held a role as a Longview, Texas based shoe salesman, specializing in women’s footwear.

Day Jobs takes today’s top country stars back in time, before the limelight, and puts them back in a job they once held. Each one-hour episode follows three stars as they work a shift in a variety of previously held jobs. The artists see if they still have what it takes and look back on how those early jobs helped shape their lives today.
Back in Longview, Texas, McCoy spent three years in a local department store selling women’s shoes. It was his first contact with the general public for the aspiring entertainer. "It's good grooming for you. In the music business, you have to deal with different folks every day, different personalities all the time," McCoy says.
McCoy was an entertainer even as a shoe salesman. He would tell himself "I'm gonna try to win them over. I want them to like me and I’m gonna work until they are entertained,” a motivational policy that he still uses today. This policy helped produce hits such as “Wink,” “The Shake,” and his current single “A-OK,” available at all digital retailers Oct. 18th, 2011.
McCoy is determined still to this day that even if he had not made it in the country scene, he is still an entertainer and his life has always belonged in music and working with people. “I'd probably be in some job working with the public. I'm a people person, and if I wasn't singing for a living, I'd still find a way to sing,” he says.
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