Miranda Lambert Says Foot Long Corn Dogs Are Only Way To Go

Posted by Webb on 05/26/2009

Miranda Lambert, who's touring with Kenny Chesney this summer so won't be playing many fairs, will miss the midway food. 
Lambert admits to The Boot that she has a thing for funnel cakes, corn dogs and other fried foods.
"Oh, my gosh, I like every fried thing on the face of the planet," the singer confessed with a laugh. "I guess funnel cakes are my favorite, but I haven't had one in two years probably."

Lambert told The Boot a few years ago when she was playing a fair and happened to mention onstage that she had a weakness for funnel cakes, it wasn't long before fans started bringing the delightful concoction to the front of the stage.

"I was about to get a physical trainer, and so I think I ate two of them, just because I was blowing it out, having one last hurrah," the singer remembered.

Lambert also loves a good corn dog and offers her best advice when indulging in one. "You've got to go for the foot-long one. Don't go for the small one," she admonished. "If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it big."