Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Have 'Normal' Wedding Woes

Posted by Kersty Boll on 03/08/2011

Miranda Lambert is just your average soon-to-be bride. With her nuptials to Blake Shelton quickly approaching, Lambert shares the exact same wedding woes as other gals.
Despite their celebrity status, the couple insists they are traditional people. Shelton asked Lambert's father for permission before proposing.
"Yes, he actually did," the 27-year-old told Cowboys & Indians magazine. "They sat down together and had a conversation. I don't know how it went, though I presume it went well. But that was really important to me. That goes back to my roots, I guess. I think every man should ask the girl's dad for her hand."
Although she appreciates and enjoys that the two share the same career path, Lambert said it also has its downfalls.
"I really never thought about him being in the business, to be honest," she said. "I fell in love with the person. But then all the other stuff goes down....Right away, we were in the public eye because we were a couple, and I didn't like that part of it. But by the time we get married, we'll have been together six years. And we've learned how to deal with it by going through it."
There have of course been hiccups on the road to the wedding, one of which being when Blake forgot a minute detail. "I was getting a cup of coffee and I heard her on the phone," Blake told North Carolina radio station WTQR. "She goes, 'What? Damn it!' She hung up and I said, 'What's going on?' She said, 'Look at this e-mail.' She showed me one of those trash magazines had printed our wedding date. I go, 'Well, is it right?'" Blake continued. "And that didn't go over too well."
The couple will say their vows May 14 in Oklahoma. 
Source: The Boot