Miley Cyrus rumored to be starring in the second Sex and the City movie alongside Carrie and co.

Posted by sara121 on 10/10/2009

Miley Cyrus’s name is spoken of so often lately but this time in connection with a possible future appearance of the young actress in a long-awaited movie.

The Hanna Montana star is rumored to be starring in the second Sex and the City movie alongside Carrie and co.

Blogs claim the Disney star is confirmed for the sequel- which has already started filming and will be released in 2010.

It seems a strange fit if true - since Miley prides herself on her Christian faith and is still only 16 years old. SATC meanwhile is known for being very explicit about sex and relationships.

According to some sites Miley Cyrus is set to make a cameo appearance in the new Sex and the City film in a scene with Kim Cattrall. Kim's character, Samantha Jones, is invited to an exclusive showbiz event and wants to look 'hot and young'. But when veteran Samantha turns up on the red carpet next to the much-younger Miley, the two are wearing the same dress!

We can only imagine what Samantha's reaction will be...

Miley will be shooting the scene in New York next month, but claims the scene may not make it into the final film.

Something else that interests most of the teenage star is her uncertain romance with the Australian actor, who plays the love interest of Miley Cyrus's character in the film The Last Song. The two actors remain tight-lipped about his romance with the teen actress.

When asked if he and Cyrus are a couple, Hemsworth, 19, paused for several seconds and after that didn’t really answer the question. We just made a movie together. That’s it; the Daily Telegraph quoted him as answering instead.

According to reports, he and Cyrus has been a couple since June when they started filming new Disney movie The Last Song, in which they are romantically paired.

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