McDowell Gas Price Song Ignites

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 07/07/2008

Country Music singer/songwriter Ronnie McDowell has recorded a song in honor of our country's oil crisis entitled "Hey, Mr. Oilman."McDowell awoke at 3 a.m. to write the song, and recorded the track last Monday in Portland, Tenn.  McDowell told The Tennessean last week, "It was really strange because the whole thing came to me in about 20 minutes because I'm feeling it like everybody else. When I go on tour with my bus, it costs a little over $1,000 now to fill up."The chorus of the song is as follows:  "Hey, Mr. Oilman, we sure could use a break/Old glory is cryin’, how much more can we all take/Our wallets are getting thinner while yours is getting fat/ and me and all my neighbors are mad as hell about that." Tennessee radio stations found their request lines filling up after its debut spin last Tuesday. "Hey, Mr. Oilman" is not yet available for purchase, but has been submitted to a record label.