May You Have A Dog-Gone Good Christmas

Posted by Webb on 12/15/2009
Webb Bow.JPG
It’s time for my annual Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate, GOOD wishes blog. Well, actually this is my first one, but at least we’re off to a GOOD start.
My wish for you this year is to have a dog-gone GOOD Christmas. I thought about wishing you a great Christmas, but I think GOOD is a more appropriate word.
That’s because this holiday season I wish for everyone to be filled with GOOD. May you not only increase your time spent doing GOOD for others, but also look around and appreciate all the GOOD that surrounds you.
People ask me a lot how I stay such a happy dog. I’d tell them but I can only bark or cry. But my secret is I spend a lot of time laying around in my crate (which I like) thinking about all the GOOD things I’ve got. I have a human, several in fact, who love me dearly. I have food to eat. I have a roof over my head and a comfortable place to sleep at night. I have it better than a lot of humans do in other parts of the world. So when I think about all the GOOD I’ve got, it makes me very happy.
My way of giving back is to be GOOD to others. I greet my owners at the door with my tail wagging every night. I let them do things like scratching my stomach or head, which makes them feel better about themselves. I beg for their food so they’ll appreciate what they’re eating more. There’s countless ways I selflessly give to make them happy. 
So what about you this Christmas? Please look around you and take note of even the smallest things that are GOOD, and thank God for them. Once you’ve taken inventory of all the great and GOOD things you have to be thankful for, especially your loved ones, then do something to really make yourself feel GOOD.
What’s that? Go out and do GOOD for someone else. Few things in this world can make you feel as GOOD as when you’ve done something GOOD for someone else. I’m not talking about buying presents either, although I gladly accept gifts given me as another small way I make humans feel better about themselves. I’m talking about volunteering to help someone or some organization. I’m a hound for charities that help homeless pets, but there certainly are plenty of organizations to help humans too. 
And it doesn’t have to be organized. Run an errand for an elderly neighbor, do something at work to make someone else’s job a little easier, smile at people and talk about happy things with them. You’ll make someone’s day, and yours.
So my Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa wish is for you to have this kind of a GOOD holiday, and throughout the year. 
Now I get a treat because I’ve been a GOOD boy. Woofy Holidays!