Kathy Mattea Works For Appalachian Miners

Posted by Katie Ball on 07/09/2008

Kathy Mattea has dedicated herself to helping out miners and their families in West Virginia, her home state. Coal, Mattea’s newest album covers her family’s history with the coal industry and includes many traditional mining songs. Mattea has lined herself up to participate in several events that focus on the coal industry.Mattea is hosting a screening of the film “Mountain Top Removal” directed by Michael O’Connell at The Basement in Nashville on Thursday. The film talks about a new method of coal mining that has been developed in Southern Appalachia that involves removing the coal from the top of a mountain. O’Connell will stick around after the film to answer questions from the audience.Mattea will also participate in the 2008 Santa Train that carries toys to children throughout Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. The train makes fourteen stops throughout the states on November 22 and passes out 15 tons of tons. According to an article from the Tennessean, Mattea described the experience as a very rewarding one. “Riding on the Santa Train gives me the opportunity to participate in the lives of the people I have been singing about on Coal,” said Mattea. “There is a sense of community here, and a sense of place like nowhere else. Riding a train through the mountains and visiting with the folks will be the highlight of my Christmas this year