Martina McBride Shares Healthy Living Secrets

Posted by Alexis Gonzalez on 07/21/2010

Martina McBride shares healthy living choices that help her stay active and fit in an upcoming mini-magazine of Self, sub-titled "Love Your Lilith." McBride is also the spokeswoman for the Cheerio’s “Love Your Heart” campaign and revealed her on the road secret in an interview with Ladies Home Journal.
“On the road, there’s usually a salad bar and some kind of soup, fish and lean beef or chicken and a nice selection of healthy side dishes. I love that our catering company is so health conscious. That helps,” said McBride.
While the singer revealed to Self that she has always been health conscious, she also explained how other factors helped to motivate her.
“Having responsibility for another life makes you pay attention!” she said. “I wanted to put the best things in my body so my babies would get the nutrition they needed.”
She also revealed the her healthy living is reflecting in her kids' food choices. “They actually like healthy food. Really, they do!”
Along with McBride, Jennifer Nettles, Sheryl Crow and other Lilith Fair performers will be featured in the Self mini-magazine. The issue is now available at Lilith Fair concerts and will be available at newsstands on Aug. 3.
Source: The Boot