Martina McBride Looks Forward to CMA Music Fest All Year

Everyone has a favorite time of the year. For some it’s Christmas. Others it’s birthdays. For Country superstar Martina McBride, it is the CMA Music Festival.
“We look forward to this week all year,” McBride said in an interview with Nashville’s The Tennessean. “It’s so exciting and we try to cram as much in as we can. I know everybody says it, but it really is a good opportunity to say thank you. These people plan their whole year around this week and they take time off work. This is their vacation.”
McBride said it is important to give everything she has during CMA Music Fest.
“The fact that so many fans are in one place at one time from all over the world and they wait for hours for just a moment with their favorite artist… All of Country Music is on display,” McBride said.
The CMA festival wasn’t just performances and parties for the megastar. During Sunday’s events, McBride teamed up with Nashville’s non-profit organization YWCA for their annual celebrity auction. The auction raised money for women and children trying to escape domestic abuse. McBride’s Barbie doll went for $1,500.

Be on the lookout for McBride’s Shine All Night tour with Trace Adkins. She will also be in and out of the studio to work on her upcoming album.