Little Big Town Preps for New Album

Posted by Alexis Gonzalez on 08/12/2010

Little Big Town has a busy schedule in preparation for the release of their fourth studio album, The Reason Why. Due for release on Aug. 24, the band has paved the road for release with their catchy new single “Little White Church.”
Little Big Town is scheduled to perform on two popular 8 a.m. EST morning shows. On Wednesday, Aug. 25, they will be performing on ABC’s Good Morning America and will follow-up on Friday, Aug. 27, by performing on the FOX News Channel’s Fox & Friends “All American Concert Series.”
After nearly twelve years together as a band, Little Big Town has a history that is sure to appear in their upcoming album.
“There’s a maturity and a history to the band that can’t help but come through on this record, and we’re really pleased with the direction and journey this album takes the listener on conceptually,” said member Kimberly Schlapman.
The Reason Why track listing

  1. The Reason Why
  2. Runaway Train
  3. Kiss Goodbye
  4. Shut Up Train
  5. Why, Oh Why
  6. Little White Church
  7. You Can’t Have Everything
  8. All The Way Down
  9. All Over Again
  10. Rain On A Tin Roof
  11. Life Rolls On
  12. Lean Into It