Lady A Back at No. 1, May 'Stand Up for Chickens'

Posted by Valerie Wire on 02/24/2011
Lady Antebellum is still celebrating five Grammy wins, and with more success comes a new level of responsibility. But that doesn’t make their return to the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Country Albums chart any less sweet.
The trio has received more than a 200 percent increase in sales over the last week for their now triple-platinum selling album "Need you Now," which sold about 85,000 copies during a seven-day period (according to Nielsen Soundscan data). They also soared from No. 17 to No. 4 on the multi-genre Billboard 200.
The wins at the Grammy’s included Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Country Song of the Year, Country Performance by Vocal Duo/Group and Country Album of the Year. However, Lady A lost a Grammy in the category of Best New Artist to the singer Adele, but their success is linked. Adele released a cover of Lady A’s “Need you Now” with Darius Rucker. The track is available in Target stores-exclusive version of Adele’s album, ’21.’ 
With their skyrocketed success comes more attention from fans and others alike, including the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Yes, PETA and Pretenders' leading lady Chrissie Hynde contacted the country music trio after news of their upcoming performance at the KFC in San Diego on March 3 circulated. In a letter by PETA representatives, Lady A is asked to urge KFC to “heed its own advisory panel's recommendations to adopt less cruel slaughter practices," adding that "birds killed for KFC are routinely scalded to death in defeathering tanks."
PETA and their supporters are asking and hoping for Lady A to use their unique high-profile position to appeal to the company and are hopeful KFC will not “turn a deaf ear” due to their public status.
The letter ended with, “"Would you consider asking KFC executives to make a few changes to end the worst abuses of chickens? Let's talk more," and then provided contact information.
Lady Antebellum hasn't released a statement about their stance on the position.
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