Kenny Chesney Says He Didn't Treat Tony Romo Like A Dog

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Taylor Swift Is Just A Girl
If you want a glimpse into the super-stardom life of Taylor Swift, just check out her latest video on MySpace. It is a great glimpse of how though she’s reached a degree of super stardom, Taylor is still a very well grounded person. That’s a credit to her parents. Her dad paid me to say that. Woof!
Kenny Chesney Says He Did Not Flirt With Jessica Simpson
You’ve probably heard the reports that Tony Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson because she was flirting with Kenny Chesney. Maybe you read it on the bathroom wall, I don’t know. Anyway, Kenny says it ain’t so. He says Tony’s a friend and he wouldn’t do a friend that way. I feel like I’m chasing my tail here.
Alan Jackson Cuts Check To Help Easter Seals
You may have read the story recently about Alan Jackson doing a benefit concert for Easter Seals in LaSalle, IL. They reportedly ended up losing money because expenses were so high. No prob says country’s “long tall cool one”. AJ cut a check for $20,000 to the group. You da’ man AJ.
Billy Currington Is Hurt
Billy Currington was slightly injured, but even worse one person died and 15 were injured as a mayor storm hit the Big Valley Jamboree just outside Edmonton, Alberta this weekend. Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and deceased.
Ralph Stanley Not Slammin’ Tim McGraw
First we ran a report saying Ralph Stanley’s upcoming biography slammed Tim McGraw. Ralph said Tim dissed him. Now, according to CMT, those passages have been edited out of the book. Sounds like a country song material to me, unless you wouldn’t know a country song if it “kicked you in the ass”. (You have to know the original story to get that one).