Kelly Clarkson Reacts to Scott Borchetta's 'Idol' Comments

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 02/05/2010

This week, Big Machine CEO Steve Borchetta defended artist Taylor Swift and the recent criticism of her performance Sunday at the Grammys. In his statements, Borchetta said, "This is not American Idol. This is not a competition of getting up and seeing who can sing the highest note. This is about a true artist and writer and communicator. It's not about that technically perfect performance."

Former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is speaking out this week, responding to Borchetta's comments in an open letter to the CEO on her I Am Kelly blog. Clarkson wrote, "Thank you for that 'Captain Obvious' sense of humor because you know what, we not only hit the high notes, you forgot to mention we generally hit the 'right' notes as well. Every artist has a bad performance or two and that is understandable, but throwing blame will not make the situation at hand any better."

Clarkson also went on to say that instead of "lashing out at other artists," Borchetta "should simply take a breath and realize that sometimes things won't go according to plan or work out and that's okay."

Clarkson signed off with "Sincerely, One of those contestants from American Idol who only made it because of her high notes."