Kellie Pickler Knows A Dog's Soul

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Kellie Pickler the Pet Lover
Kellie Pickler has 6 pets including two dogs, two cats, a python, and a monkey. Kellie tells that her pets have filled so many voids in her life, like when she first moved to Nashville and had no friends and knew no one. Her biggest pet (no pun) peeve is when people say animals don’t go to heaven. Kellie says, “I don’t think you can look in a dog’s eyes and think they don’t have a soul”. I don’t know Kellie, come stare dreamingly in mine a while and we’ll see. Woof.
Keith Urban the Present Lover
Keith Urban finally overcame some addiction problems a few years ago in rehab. He’s riding high right now with a very successful concert tour and a hit album Defying Gravity. Keith says he found the real key to happiness is to live in the present, “I was one of those guys who was always thinking about the past, or about the future, but never the here. But now I love being in the present, because I have so much to be grateful for in the present.” Amen Keith. Sounds like a dog’s philosophy to me.
Kenny Chesney the Criticism Hater
Kenny Chesney is defending tour mate Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland for canceling some of their shows. Seems Kenny was not happy some fans criticized Nettles. Kenny says we should all be more concerned about the long term of her vocal health and that she’s choosing to do the right thing now. I don’t understand why Kristian Bush didn’t just pick up the vocal duties?
Taylor Swift the Band Hero reports that the makers of Guitar Hero, Activision, are coming out with a new Band Hero game. Taylor Swift’s Picture To Burn will be one of the cuts included on the game. It is due out in November of 2009 and features a wide array of artists including the Jackson 5. The game is available for Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation PS3 game consoles. I wish they’d come out with Dog Hero so I could be on it. Just think, chasing cars, chasing rabbits in circles, chewing bones; people will lap it up!