Keith Urban Talks About Growing Up Country

Posted by Jessica Gertler on 11/18/2009

Even though Keith Urban was raised in a land of kangaroos, sunshine and beautiful coastline, he was influenced by country music at a young age.

In an interview with CBS News, the Australian native explains his parent’s record collection consisted of all country records.

“I saw ‘recorded in Nashville, Tennessee’ written on the back of all them, and so [I thought] this is where you go to make records,” said Urban. “I think I was seven when I told my dad, I would move there. I always wanted to come to Nashville, since I was very young. It’s the classic American dream story.”
It is hard to argue that Urban is living the “American dream story.” The world-touring singer is married to Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, is the father of daughter Sunday Rose, has charted over 15 singles in the U.S. and taken home many CMA, ACM and Grammy awards.

In addition to living his childhood dream, Urban also told CBS before each performance, he listens to oldies like Doris Day and the Andrew Sisters.

"I listen to '40s music," Urban said. "When we were doing showcases here in Nashville, someone had given me a Doris Day greatest hits. I know this sounds bizarre. But there's something about that era -- Andrew Sisters, Doris Day -- where it's got that attitude of 'everything's fine, everything's cool' and laid back. And I'm just ready to play.”

Urban talked about his struggle with addiction, the rejection of his music early on and some of the aggressive things fans do during his live shows in his interview with CBS.