Keith Urban Reveals Artwork, Tracklist for New Album

Keith Urban recently announced the fan-voted artwork for his new album, Get Closer. The two choices for fans to vote were between Urban wrapped in a woman’s arms or Urban sitting in front of a bed with his guitar in the background. The winner, in a close 51 percent to 49 percent race, was Urban sitting on the bed.
"[The album title] is connected to intimacy," Urban said. "To whatever it is that I'm trying to achieve, I've got to 'get closer,' whether that be to love or any of my goals or dreams ... That's what we all need to do. It's a big, open-ended meaning. Ultimately, [the fans] will all find [their] own connection to what this title means.”
Along with the artwork for Urban’s eighth studio album, a track list has also been released. However, only eight songs are currently listed, and there is no statement indicating if bonus tracks will be added before the Nov. 12 release.
The first single from the album, “Put You in a Song,” was co-written by Urban, Jedd Hughes and Sarah Buxton, who also co-wrote the Grammy-award winning song, “Stupid Boy.”
Get Closer Track List:
1.'Put You in a Song'
2. 'You Gonna Fly'
3. 'All for You'
4. 'Long Hot Summer'
5. 'Without You'
6. 'Georgia Woods'
7. 'Right on Back to You'
8. 'Shut Out the Lights'