Keith Urban Is A Lucky Guy, Carrie Underwood Is A Worm?

Webb and Jason Aldean at Tracy Lawrence Turkey Fry
Nicole Kidman Loves Being Keith Urban’s Wife and Sunday Rose’s Mom
Nicole Kidman recently told She magazine that she is loving her life as a mother and wife. Kidman says even at age 42 she enjoys being mother to a toddler, “I’ve worked since I was 14…but now my priority is my family…my baby, my husband..and that’s non-negotiable. I’ve worked hard enough and now it’s all about resting and enjoying.” Sounds like she just needs a dog to complete her picturesque life. Woof.
Carrie Underwood and Oscar the Grouch?
Sesame Street has created a character based on Carrie Underwood, named Carrie Underworm, who will appear on the show several times in February, March and April. Carrie even contributed by singing “The Worm Anthem”. The character is said to be a large orange worm with blonde hair. Good thing Carrie has a healthy ego…a worm?
Jason Aldean #1 Again
“The Truth”, the latest release off Jason Aldean’s platinum certified Wide Open album, is #1 again this week. Here’s what Aldean has to say about his latest hit, “I don’t think my fans expected me to come out with a song this traditional, but it was important to me to show them this side of what I like to do as well.  It may have been a curve-ball for them, but for me, it was an obvious nod to some of my childhood influences like McGraw and Strait.” Congrats Jason!
Rascal Flatts Getting All Warm and Fuzzy For Valentine’s Day
Rascal Flatts has put out a digital release, just in time for Valentine’s Day, of 14 of their best love songs. You can download the tracks at any digital outlet their press release says (you didn’t think I actually go out and find this news did you?). The release includes love song hits like “I Melt” and “Bless The Broken Road”. I’m starting my own list of dog love songs. All I have so far though is “Ole Red” by Blake Shelton…now that’s a love song. Woof.
Rascal Flatts T-Shirts For $7 A Holler
Windows 7 Section 7 is an online community that offers music lovers a number of insider benefits – exclusive ticket buying options, discounts, fan clubs, weekly sweepstakes and more. Today only, but they say subject to change…whatever that means…they are selling Rascal Flatts t-shirts for $7 each, while they last. CountryHound also has their long-sleeve t-shirts on sale for $7…get one for everyone in your family!
Is Rain A Good Thing?
Stop thinking, it’s a rhetorical question. Luke Bryan’s video for his next release, “Rain Is A Good Thing”, will premiere in iTunes February 9.