Nicole and Keith Update: The Birthing CD Hoopla

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 07/02/2008

For Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, living life as parents-to-be in the public eye must be hard.  Let a little tidbit out about your birth plan, and suddenly the names "Nicole Kidman" and "James Galway" are synonymous. It's all over the Internet.  From parenting blogs denouncing the idea of having planned music for a birth to those mocking her choice to those insinuating the presence of Galway means that Kidman will not be listening to her husband's songs. And for all we know, the birth CD doesn't even exist. While the whole world, it seems, is saying yay or nay to Nicole Kidman's choice in birthing music, has named the actress as "Today's HD Hottie" (HD as in, high-definition) for today, July 2.   So there. One more gentle reminder: Catch Keith Urban on today's episode of Ellen, airing on NBC.  Check your local listings.