Kanye West

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Gretchen Wilson Tells Kanye to 'Grow Up'

Posted by Jacob Ryan on 01/20/2011

It turns out rapper Kanye West has a record of interfering with country artists' award-winning moments.

Taylor Swift Opens Up On Career Controversies

Posted by Valerie Wire on 10/19/2010
With Taylor Swift’s new album, Speak Now, days away from being released on Oct.

Taylor Swift Is Billboard's Female Artist of the Year

Posted by Eddie Miller on 12/14/2009

Billboard released its year-end charts, and it appears Taylor Swift and Kanye West are going to have to share another stage.

Taylor Swift Buys Her First Home

Posted by Amanda Greer on 10/06/2009

Taylor Swift has taken the leap, deciding to move out of her parents house and purchase a co

Tim McGraw Calls Out Kanye West

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 09/18/2009