Josh Turner Goes In High Gear To Complete 'Haywire'

Posted by Amanda Duckworth on 01/07/2010

Radio stations across the Country Music world have already picked up on Josh Turner’s latest hit single, "Why Don’t We Just Dance." The truth is Turner almost lost the song for putting it on hold too long. Turner was still months away from scheduled recording when he first heard the song, which went on to become the debut single off of his fourth album, Haywire. He asked the publisher to put it on hold, knowing that the song would be a great addition to his new album. But when another artist expressed interest in the song, Turner knew he had to use it or lose it.

“We felt like we couldn’t lose that one,” Turner said in a statement. “It’s a strong song and something that I could have a lot of fun with vocally. I felt it would be a great center point for the record. It is positive and a love song and you can dance to it. Nowadays, that’s a good formula.”

After recording "Why Don’t We Just Dance," Turner kicked it into high gear to get the rest of his album finished. He even wrote or co-wrote five songs on the 11 track album, including "Haywire," "As Fast As I Could," "Eye Candy," "Friday Paycheck" and "The Answer."

“This record has been the quickest record we’ve ever made from start to finish,” Turner said. “But I’m glad our haste didn’t make waste. I love every single song. One thing I’ve noticed is that you are definitely hearing more of my range, high and low on this album. I’m really proud of this record.”
Like Turner’s past hits, most of the songs on Haywire are in fact love songs. “I don’t feel like you can have too many love songs,” he said. “The world is always looking for that next great love song. It’s like what Eddy Arnold told me a long time ago. ‘If you have the opportunity to record a great love song, do it. That is what people like the best, the songs that are about a man and a woman.’ I’ve really taken his advice to heart. If you look at my two number-one songs, those are big-time, positive, straight-forward love songs.”