John Rich, Gary Busey Showdown on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Country rocker, and celebrity apprentice contestant, John Rich may now be realizing just what fellow country star and former celebrity apprentice contestant Trace Adkins meant when he said the show was an “exercise in restraint.” This became a bit too clear for Rich when it came to his teammate Gary Busey.
Last week’s episode, which aired on April 10, showed the precursor of tension that was yet to appear on the episode aired April 17. This episode showed the eccentric actor returning from the boardroom victoriously. This left Busey’s Backbone team groaning in unison. They were all hoping that Donald Trump would have kept musician Mark McGrath and “fired” Bussey. Rich even mentioned to the actor that he was creating conflict within the group. “You’re either cray or a saboteur,” Rich said. “And I don’t think you’re crazy.”
For the episode, when Busey was named project manager of the weeks challenge, the men’s team ensured enough room to let him fall. The group was to write, produce and star in a live cooking demonstration that featured Omaha Steak products, all the while creating special meals and variety packs with the product. Busey was found to be unorganized and ineffective, which left him frustrated by his team – especially when he, ironically, assigned the task of cooking to Meat Loaf, who had admitted he did not know how to cook. He also failed to give any responsibilities to the other two members of the group, Rich and Li’l Jon.
Rich, then, tried to create the menu for the dish Meat Loaf was cooking. Busey, then, continuously intruded on the singer, which caused to leave the menus to be a matter for the actor. Then, when the menus were printed incorrectly, Busey pointed to finger to Rich, who claimed the mistake to be that of Busey’s lack of proofreading.
“We have been locked in a room with a mad man,” Rich said. Reportedly, more feathers were ruffled when Busey denied referring to Rich as “boy” off-camera the previous day, but he did, however, admit to calling him “K-boy,” as an abbreviated version of “cowboy.” This, however, did not seem very plausible to, well, anyone.
When it was time to leave the kitchen, with no time to prepare or rehearse, the men were forced to go into the presentation cold turkey. However, Meat Load was able to impress the Omaha Steak executives, who said that he could become a spokesperson for the company due to the amazing success he had. Then, it was Busey’s turn to step up and describe the occasions surrounding each meal. Busey went on to share time-consuming and rather bizarre, absurd stories – including one about a family flying a kite after a Father’s Day dinner, which all left the audience scratching their heads.
Then, it was time for the boardroom. In there, the women’s team, A.S.A.P, was declared to be the winner. The guys were able to let out their frustration with Busey. Here is where Rich described Busey’s skills as project manager as a “catastrophic collapse of time management.” Li’l Jon then chimed in, saying the actor was “orbiting in outer space,” the entire time of the challenge. When Busey finally had what was coming to him from the Chairman of the Board – fired – the others waited in the room until Busey entered the elevator to avoid any awkward confrontations and accusations.
To find out what happens next on Celebrity Apprentice, watch on Sundays on NBC at 9 p.m. Next Sunday, both teams are given the challenge to take on the task of creating an ad campaign for the Trump Hotel Collection.
As for country superstar Rich, he agreed to appear on Celebrity Apprentice in order to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The singer-songwriter-producer also wrote and recorded “For the Kids,” [] with all the proceeds of the song’s download from iTunes to benefit the hospital.
Source: The Boot